The new Game of Thrones trailer 2 just dropped and it is showing off what the HBO show will be giving out this coming July 16. Of course we’ll be dissecting every last narrative detail and digesting it just right and regurgitating it for you. We’ve been munching on some GOT zombies− we think they’re delicious BTW − but because we’re nice we’ll be spitting them back at you so you’ll be as informed as us when you go to sit down in front of the screen this coming July for season 7 of the epic drama.

Let’s start with Sansa Stark (for more about her awesomeness visit here:, the trailer opens with her walking through the snow with a look of complete consciousness across her pretty face. Speaking for her is the diabolical Petyre Baelish saying, “Don’t fight in the north, or the south, fight every battle everywhere.”

Good advice, yes. It is coming directly from the brilliant and diabolical Petyre Baelish. However, remember that it was his treachery that caused Sansa’s father to be captured and eventually beheaded. Although it did occur in season one, it caused a major rift in the quest for the Iron Throne. And the rift between the many clans of people in the Game of Thrones world is about to converge as the Mother of Dragons is about to drop anchor in Westeros. For more about what can be expected with Dany’s arrival visit here:

Back to Sansa. Remember how in season one she was so happy to be betrothed to then prince Joffery. Well, now Joffery is dead. She now has two dead husbands and one who is estranged and alive (Tyrion) and she can speak for herself. Perhaps that is why she gets the final say at the end of the trailer, “When the snows fall, and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

Is she referring to the pack of dire wolves that her father Eddard discovered when they were puppies? He doled out a puppy for each of his children. His supposed bastard son Jon Snow luckily found an all-white dire wolf he immediately named Ghost so he could be officially a part of the group. Or is she referring to the remaining Starks? Is she referring to the entire human race of the GOT world?

We will have to tune in to find out.


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