When referring to her royal Targaryen bloodline, normally one would discuss her father known as the Mad King. However, past seasons have hinted that King Aerys II AKA the “Mad King” and Dany’s father was usurped by the Baratheons because he went crazy. However, past episodes have corrected that judgmental moniker.

Dany has seen some stuff. In fact, she has come through so many things that she now has a fleet of names like the Unburnt, The Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains and many more.

As of now, when the Queen of the Andals is speaking it is obvious she is not insane but a leader. Still, she has Westeros to conquer and even showrunner Dan Weiss says that her collision with the Lannisters makes a whole new show, “Dany in Westeros makes Game of Thrones a new show. It has this amazing ripple effect throughout every storyline that’s very exciting to explore. There’s a pace and urgency that’s very palpable. This is the end game.”

With her epic quest to the Iron Throne coming to an end, it begs the question if they will let her sit as her father was ousted based on brute and lies about his character. As we all know, it’s way easier to lie about a woman’s character.

While her dragons are fighting for the throne, will Dany’s character be butting heads with the sinister Cersei?

In a recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph, Emilia Clarke−who plays Dany on the show Game of Thrones− had this to say about what is in store for her character in the upcoming season 7 which will premiere on July 16 on HBO. “She’ll probably need some help, though. I’ll definitely be disappointed if she doesn’t make it.

“I think that there was always that idea that she would know where she was going to, but the reality is frightening. I mean, I always believed that Dany had the highest of hopes for what kind of impact she could leave on this world.”

Not only will Dany be fighting for the throne, she will be fighting against women for power. What does that mean for Westeros? Clarke had this to say, “Suddenly like, it’s a woman’s world,” She declared. “That’s nice; that’s good. Dany is exploring every avenue that her kind of bloodline has been to. People have an idea of what her father was and everyone has vague idea what her brother was. She knows what those things are but it could be very easy for her to do something very rash.”

Rash as in something crazy that only a Mad Queen would do?

With everything that has already occurred, who knows what’s in store?


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