If you want something to talk about you’ll have to start watching zombies. Not just talk to yourself BTW. Specifically, talk to your co-workers or work colleagues.

Reason being: as it turns out everyone or nearly everyone is talking about the hit show The Walking Dead, premier of season 8 which will be this coming October on AMC.

Everyone−nearly− according to data recorded by the people of Nielson. According to the official report, during the months of Sept. 18, 2016 – May 24, 2017 after an episode’s airing, nearly 2.9 billion social interactions were recorded in a pole collected by Nielsen called Social Content Ratings.

Out of all those digital interactions, the majority of them were after an airing of the show The Walking Dead. They didn’t just win the top spot on the ratings chart, they blew the competition out of the water with nearly 2 million charted social interactions. For the article with the chart visit here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4581882/The-Walking-Dead-revealed-biggest-TV-show.html. Other shows topping the list include Empire, which airs on FOX; and The Bachelor, which airs on ABC; This is Us, on NBC; Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, on VH1; The Voice, that airs on NBC; WWE, on USA; Saturday Night Live, on NBC; Love & Hip Hop on VH1; and American Horror Story, on FX.

While the vast majority of people’s eyes were stuck on their screens, they also were tapping the keys to their keyboards about zombies.

While the fact that this show tops the most talked about on social media chart, what are they talking about?

They are discussing the awesome characters like Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon and bat-wielding Negan. Oh, and they are talking about zombies. Turns out, everyone loves talking about zombies.

They also talk about each episode’s cliffhangers. This last one was a big one. They are already saying that this is the year Rick Grimes dies and Daryl Dixon has been predicted to die since he came on.

They take to social media about it, and you know it’s a definite icebreaker at the water-cooler at the office. Sure beats talking about football.


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