In a report originally published in The Sun magazine, even the big names on AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead make pennies in comparison to other hit shows.

Take the show The Big Bang Theory. The cast of that show made about 22 million each for the season. That’s a lot of pennies. While that show is popular, it’s not as widely viewed as The Walking Dead. The big guns on the show Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus had earned approximately $92,000 per episode.

Now, $92,000 per episode is quite a chunk of change, but nothing compared to what other cast members of other shows make. In the recent reboot that aired on Netflix of the Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel raked in about $2.5 million per episode. Now, that’s some pennies.

Now, some might think that’s kind of an insane amount of cash?

Rick Grimes doesn’t make as much as Sheldon Cooper? I’ve never seen Sheldon with a hatchet. Although his characterization is amazing. Is worth his pennies. But Lincoln has some mad acting chops.

It was originally reported by AMC., that they simply couldn’t afford to pay big market rates to the entirety of the stellar cast.  However, that’s all changing. Since the show’s inception in 2010, a huge spike has occurred in advertising as the show skyrocketed in the ratings. Lincoln has supposedly been given a raise to a whopping $618,000 per episode.

One reason that the actors aren’t walking around in lines for huge raises is the nature of the show. The show itself has killed off a lot of big characters and on the business side, the more money you make/ the more likely it is you get the bat, bit or the hatchet.

According to an article on Uproxx, “The Walking Dead’ can kill any cast member it wants at any time, meaning that rather than give in to the salary demands of the cast (there was speculation the cast has rallied together to ask for a raise in 2014), it can kill off expensive characters at its leisure. Indeed, doing so will not only save the series money, but it may give the show a ratings boost.”

That’s a reason itself to take a pay cut. Beats the bat.


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