In case you didn’t know, GOT people suck. My guess is that is why the Starks prefer the company of their dire wolves Vs. say… the Lannisters. In case you also didn’t know, the Starks don’t really care for weddings.

That may have something to do with the Red Wedding. Where they were majorly betrayed. Now, that was the pinnacle of betrayal. But it wasn’t the first time someone went against someone on the hit HBO drama that will be coming back for its seventh season on July 16. It really isn’t a matter of who will betray and who won’t, it’s a matter of when. You really can’t trust anyone in the Game of Thrones world. Even characters with epic loads of integrity like Rob Stark and his aunt Daenarys Targaryan have betrayed people in the past. King Rob lost his life for it, remember?

Now, the number of backstabbings (metaphorical, most deaths they stab from the front – well, except for that time that that sandsnake stabbed that prince) are so high at this point that it can be hard to remember who hates who. The wonderful people at Venngage did some research and created an infographic for you. That way, you won’t be going into season 7 with your eyes closed to what’s been going on the last few years.

Us at Juicy Chatter also want to reiterate, however, that the majority of the humans on the show Game of Thrones kind of suck. Watch your back in that world. Do that and at least study this graphic so you know who to be friends with and who to avoid.

That begs the question of what really is behind the complicated doings and politics on Game of Thrones? Think about it, if you’re going to survive in that world you’ve GOT to get your hands a little bit dirty. In order to go against the dirty deeds of Cersei, you’ve GOT to be a little diabolical yourself. The dirty deeds will be once again done (and not on the cheap if the Lannisters have anything to say about it!)


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