Yes, Rickon should have zig-zagged. We’re betting that if that were Shaggydog running from the likes of Ramsay Bolton, that puppy would have done that and GOT away.

Shaggydog, you know, Rickon’s direwolf?

He GOT his wolf when his father and brothers stumbled upon a deceased mother direwolf after a fight with a Stag. Now, if you’re not a foreshadowing expert, let me clue you in. The sigil on the flag of Starks is the direwolf, the Baratheons is the stag. K, foreshadowing clue-in over.

Each of the Starks got a direwolf. The bastard Jon Snow even GOT an albino one. His is named Ghost. Not all of them made it all seven seasons. Robb Stark’s is named Greywind. He was killed with Robb shortly after the Red Wedding. Yep, they killed a dog. Losers.

Lady, Sansa’s direwolf was the first to die when Cersei demanded it in repayment for Arya’s direwolf’s violent transgression against Joffery. Arya’s direwolf is still alive and is called Nymeria. We want to see her again. Bran’s direwolf has Summer who was last seen being piled on by a pack of killer White Walkers. Probably dead. Maybe dead like The Hound? We can only hope.

The thing with the dire wolves though, they aren’t just pets. They are a significant part of the show. They are actual characters. Now, I will confess that I love dogs. The inclusion of these beasts really pulled me into the story. Without them, I’m not sure I would’ve been as quickly hooked. In the book A Storm of Swords, Catelyn even emphasizes their importance. “Any man Grey Wind dislikes is a man I do not want close to you. These wolves are more than just wolves Robb. You must know that. I think perhaps the gods sent them to us. Your father’s gods, the old gods of the north. Five wolf pups, Robb, five for five Stark children.”

They are more than just pets. Like likely your dog at home. They are crucial family members. The Game of Thrones world wouldn’t be the same without them.

And earlier version said the Lannisters were the stags. Lannisters are lions.


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