I hate to break it to you. You know that picture of Arya on the cover of Entertainment Weekly? You know the one where she has a knife attached to her? That’s not Needle. You know the sword her brother Jon Snow gave her. The one she used in her first killing. The one we all assumed she would have.

Well, Needle is nowhere in sight. What we do see on her hip on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, is the Valyrian steel dagger belonging to none other than the man we love to watch: Littlefinger or Petyre Baelish.

Now, this isn’t just a coincidence. When they were doing the shoot, the prop guy didn’t lose Needle. This dagger is of major importance. In season one it was a big deal because it was used to try and assassinate Bran Stark.

Not only is this dagger a major player, it has taken its own epic quest. Supposedly, Littlefinger lost the dagger to Robert Baratheon and then went to Joffery who hired someone and handed the dagger to kill young Bran.

We see it again at the Vale as Littlefinger mentions he has it.

Since, it is obviously not a coincidence that Arya (played by Maisie Williams), is wearing it for the cover of Entertainment Weekly it is being predicted that Littlefinger will meet his demise in Season 7 of GOT.

In some epic dialogue, Baelish says to Catelyn Stark, “Nothing holds an edge like Valyrian steel. Such sweet balance. You want to find the owner, is that the reason for this visit? You have no need of Ser Aron for that, my lady. You should have come to me.”

This knife is made from a metal only found in the Game of Thrones world. It has a sharp blade. While it is plainly made it is tough with a dragonbone hilt.

When it first appears in the books as the blade used in an assignation attempt against Bran, at first Littlefinger is accused as it is his blade. His response, “It was not my dagger. How many times must I swear to that? Lady Stark, whatever you may believe of me, I am not a stupid man. Only a fool would arm a common footpad with his own blade.”

Well, unless the prop guy really screwed up, the blade went from Littlefinger to Arya. The question is how she GOT it.

So does Arya do it? Will it be Sansa, as her and Littlefinger are now plotting to oust the King of the North Jon Snow? Everyone is speculating and that picture of the dagger is speaking volumes about the upcoming season.


  1. Littlefinger lost the dagger to Robert Baratheon? I thought he lost it to the imp in a bet. Cat went to see Littlefinger and showed it to him. Then, Ned had it. Joffrey never had anything to do with the attempted assassination of Bran in the show. Or did I miss something she I was reading the beginning of this.


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