You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know that White Walkers are−in fact−zombies in the Game of Thrones world. Seriously, the first time I read Game of Thrones I threw the book down and exclaimed, “Hold the door! This literary universe has dragons and zombies! Heck yes!”
But let’s not detract from the zombie apocalypse that is still occurring in the The Walking Dead World.
For the sake of this article let’s just say The Walking Dead zombies are scarier (yeah, White Walkers are totally freakier).
Now that we have established which zombie causes more nightmares, let us give you a couple spoiler alerts for Season 8 of the epic series that has been green lighted for at least another 100 episodes. (Another 100 episodes of zombies! Don’t know if I’ll make it.)
According to co-executive producer Denise Huth, the upcoming season of The Walking Dead is expected to be packed with plenty of action, “These episodes coming in are huge… It’s a lot of work. It’s just as hard as it’s ever been, if not harder… There’s just a sense of excitement because the characters aren’t in that dark, down place.”
While packed with punches, the people at TWD are hinting at the demise of Rick Grimes. They wont say when or even how. They are saying it may happen. So what does that mean? Chances are, it’s like a Jon Snow death−not a real one, just a teaser. But hey, it’s working over here. I’ll be tuning in.


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