There’s just something about Rick Grimes. The main character of The Walking Dead is the epitome of the leading man. He’s a sheriff (kinda), a family man and the brains behind the battle against the undead. He’s the man we are all rooting for and the man we hope will win the ultimate fight against zombies. Rumors are spreading that this season premiere that is expected to occur this October, will begin with the death of Grimes. We’re predicting it’s a death like Jon Snow’s, but we will all find out together.

For every Grimes though, there’s a Negan. He is the ultimate contrast to Grimes. In a way they need each other. They are the Yin and Yang of TWD. We’ve compiled a list of things you may not know about the foils.

  1. Rick Grimes loves his family−especially his son Carl. Of course Rick has gone off the deep end a few times (facing zombies will do that I hear), but he has always been strong for his son.
  2. Rick vs. Shane: That’s where Negan comes in. Everyone hated their conflict.
  3. Rick kills humans and non-humans. In the beginning Rick would barely kill anyone unless they were an immediate threat. Now killing people (like Shane) comes at almost a backdrop. As easy as killing zombies.
  4. Rick’s as selfless as they get. His main motivation is protecting his people and saving others. That’s awesome.
  5. He once took over as leader of the group. Many called it a Ricktatorship. He gave it up though to be a dad and gardener.
  6. Rick’s weapon of choice is the Colt Pyton .357 Magnum.
  7. Rick’s three questions. They are ‘How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? and Why?’ If you think the response he’s looking for involve numbers you are wrong. He’s trying to find out if the people he encounters are trustworthy. That’s how he uncovers the truth.

For Negan

While everyone loves the moral compass that is Rick Grimes, we all love to hate the bat-wielding Negan. He’s the bully that lives in all of us and we love to watch him use his bat. Unlike Grimes, Negan lacks Mercy and compassion−according to show creators. We’ve compiled a short-list of Neganisms for your perusal before the epic premier.

  1. While Grimes packs a pistol, Negan has Lucille and he’s not afraid to use it. His beloved bat is covered with barbed-wire and can evoke fear into humans he needs to follow him.
  2. Jeffery Dean Morgan really gets Negan. Everyone loves Morgan. We all remember him from Grey’s Anatomy. Still, he really gets into the bad guy that is Negan. So much so that he was even quoted as saying, “If this show, seven years ago, had started following Negan instead of Rick Grimes, then he would be the hero of the story.”

Yikes. Now that’s method acting.


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