Yes, I do get to write about The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones and get paid for it. However, I am still becoming an expert at The Walking Dead. I don’t completely feel competent to take this quiz. That’s where you come in.

Personally, I think I could out cool Negan − minus the bat − but for everyone’s sake I am alerting this awesome contest that’s going on. I am asking that you pretty please take the quiz yourself, and if you don’t wish to enter the contest you are kind enough to give the answers to the contest in the comments section. I may or may not use the answers, but it will help me earn my The Walking Dead expert badge. If you’re up to it, then here’s the link to the quiz here:

Here’s the deal − while I’m still becoming an expert at The Walking Dead – when it comes to writing wit and coming up with a creative sentence I’m no novice. This can be quid-pro-quo. Meaning, if you give me the answers, I can help you write a creative sentence to the last question which is a requirement for the contest.

Now, I feel like this could become misconstrued as cheating and not having fun, so Im adding a caveat that I truly hope you take the quiz and just let me know what the answers are so I can further my knowledge of TWD. I am an absolute Game of Thrones expert, but I am still researching The Walking Dead. It’s very important to me that everything I write about is something I am an expert at, that’s why I would like your help answering the questions on this contest quiz. I’m not trying to cheat my way to a convention – although I’m just sayin’ it would be cool to meet Andrew Lincoln. I’d also like a chance to meet Norman Reedus and Jeffery Dean Morgan. Oh, and it’s also always been a personal dream of mine to go to San Diego’s Comic Con. But seriously, here’s a quiz for you to try and take to enter to win a chance to go meet the cast of The Walking Dead. Break a zombie leg!


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