We’ve been through a lot with Rick Grimes − portrayed expertly by Andrew Lincoln. We’ve walked with him out of the hospital and into a changed world full of zombies. We’ve shared that shocked look when his wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) died and shared in his frustration that he took out on the plethora of Walkers that lingered in the halls of the prison they currently resided in. He has been through so much. So much, and we have watched it all.

And, his death would not be the first time a main character has died on a hit show (think Eddard Stark played by Sean Bean in Game of Thrones.)

Plus, he has made statements that he is waning on wanting to keep donning the sherrif’s hat. Plus, Negan took charge and Grimes hasn’t been the best leader lately. Maybe they do need a leader who wields a bat?

He was even reported as saying, “It’s the greatest television job I’ve had in my career, and it’s also the hardest because you know you’re saying farewell. It’s unique in that way. It’s one of the excitements in that it keeps evolving. It has to by definition. We’re telling a story, and the story has to move forward.”

How could the story of The Walking Dead move forward without its main protagonist? Fans have been saying lately that he’s actually no longer the most interesting character on the show. In a recent photo that was released on Twitter of the upcoming season, we see Daryl (Norman Reedus) and character Morgan (Lennie James) and not Rick Grimes. They are about to approach show number 100. That’s 100 episodes of everybody’s favorite good guy Rick Grimes. Are we ready to ditch Grimes for Negan? We won’t find out until it happens. We won’t know until October when season 8 premieres.

Daryl and Morgan in a recently released photo.

While we all love to love Grimes and love to hate Negan, does that world need someone like Negan? Is Grimes on his way out? We won’t know for months. Are we ready to ditch the cop for a man with no conscience and a bat?


  1. No you can’t get rid of Rick! Or Daryl! They make the show. Wouldn’t be the same without them! I miss Glen too. That was aweful. My twin grandboys love the show. They cried about Glen.

  2. Rick want be miss by me basically Dayrl is the main one rigth now rick flips out all the time but we’ll have to wait and see


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