One of the most complex characters of our time, Daenerys Targaryan is destined to rule the seven kingdoms. She is also presumably the paternal aunt of Jon Snow. Despite this expected revelation, why does she have so many titles? Moreover, what do all those names mean? We’ve broken them down for you so if you’ve missed a season or two when one of her names comes up you’ll know what they are talking about.

Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen: In a prediction it states that a prince will be born among darkness and chaos. Or could it be a princess? Daenerys Targaryan or as she is plainly called Dany, was born on Dragonstone Island during a massive storm that sunk the entire Targaryan fleet. Her mother died in childbirth, but she survived. To lead the seven kingdoms perhaps?

The Unburnt: When her beloved Khal Drogo died, she was instructed to burn herself on top of her dead husband. Well, it turns out she is part dragon and when she climbed on the pyre with three dragon eggs she survived unhurt and hatched her adorable dragons who were just babies at the time.

Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea: She earned this title when she became the queen of the great Khal Drogo.

Breaker of Chains: She literally ended slavery. She toppled kings and took over and began her reign. Now she’s headed to Westeros. Watch out Cersei!

Mother of Dragons: Dany has three dragons. Those dragons only respond to her orders. Watch out GOT world.

Queen of the Andals and the First Men: This is an expected title−that she has to earn. In the finale of last season we see her boarding a ship and heading to Westeros. If and when she becomes queen, her official title will be Queen of the Andals. This title is the ruler of the entirety of the seven kingdoms that makes up the entire continent of Westeros. The only exception being the frozen area north of the wall.

For a little more backstory on Daenarys Targaryan, she is the daughter of Aerys II Targaryen who was killed and ousted from the Iron Throne during Robert Baratheon’s rebellion. She has three dragons that were given to her as eggs that were hatched when she was supposed to commit suicide and die with her husband by throwing herself on his burning funeral pyre. The dragon’s names are Drogon named after her late husband Khal Drogo. Rhaegal named after Rhaegar Targaryan. Finally, Viserion named after Viserys Targaryen.

The great Khaleesi has many names. She will earn another if and when she topples Cersei. Don’t take my word for it, “I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms…and I will.” ~ Daenarys Targaryan


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