Everyone’s favorite The Walking Dead Villain is in the top ten list of Ranker’s recent pole The Hottest Men Over 40. For the full article click here http://www.ranker.com/list/hottest-male-actors-over-40/keshvaralikhani. News flash! Men get hotter as they age. Umm, that’s an obvious to all of us normal people who once loved Sean Connery and are still in love with George Clooney. He comes in a cool number 10 right underneath the dreamy Moulin Rouge star Ewan McGregor (46). Other hotties on the list are the super talent Leonardo DiCaprio (42), at 8; Matthew Mconaughey (47); Robert Downey Jr. (52); Bradley Cooper (42) at number 5; Johnny Depp (53); Brad Pitt (53); Gerard Butler (47); and finishing the list is Logan star Hugh Jackman (47).

Those of us who watched with utter despair at the latest X-Men movie, and saw the fabulous Famke Janssen be replaced by the much younger Sophie Turner (who has her own fabulous BTW), knows that Hollywood likes their stars young. Well, we’re so done with that. It’s not just Hollywood men who age well, Janssen looks amazing! She looks almost as good as when she stole the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise way back in 1992 in the episode The Perfect Mate.

Getting back to the hot Hollywood ladies, take Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker (52) who once dated Morgan and worked with him on the set as he played her late-husband. All of us nerds have known for years that strong women are hot and aging men are like a fine wine, but as we’ve learned from experience we are almost always the first to know and the first to get shoved into a locker for being in the know.

Now Morgan may be hot, but he is the quintessential bully on the show The Walking Dead. He uses his brilliance and his barbwire-covered bat to get his way. The Walking Dead will be coming back for season 8 this October. Then and only then will we finally know what Negan’s (Morgan) bat really did. In real-life Morgan is quite the bad boy. He was once even quoted as saying, “If this show, seven years ago, had started following Negan instead of Rick Grimes, then he would be the hero of the story.”

That’s a little scary. True, but scary. At least the 50-year-old is hot, right?


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