Say goodnight to the bad guy! The Walking Dead’s newest villain that everyone either loves to hate or hates to love walked away with the gold (for bad guys) at the MTV Movie and TV Awards this past Sunday night. 
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who brought life to the evil and treacherous Negan on the AMC series won, “Best Villain” for his haunting performance as the leader of the Saviors. Morgan beat out the Demogorgon from Stranger Things, Jared Letos’ Joker in Suicide Squad, Wes Bentley from American Horror Story: Roanoke, and Allison Williams of Get Out. 
Morgan’s character Negan has been the most talked about villain in the show’s history so his victory in the category is not exactly a surprise.
At the end of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, the show introduced Morgan’s representation of Negan via an extremely haunting 12-minute monologue which ended with the murder of a member of Team Rick.
As Negan’s bat connected to the skull of his victim, the scene faded to black as the unknown friendly died and the season came to an end. The chilling scene left the all the fans asking “Who did Negan kill?” for the whole summer.
When the show returned in October, Negan’s victim was revealed with Morgan carrying out the jovial portrayal of a sick and twisted new bad gut that was calling the shots during the zombie apocalypse. Not only did he kill Abraham to round out the final moments seen in Season 6 but he also put an end to Glenn’s run which began in the final moments of the show’s first episode.
From here, Negan would bully and manipulate the show’s main characters as he menacingly grinned with every jab he took at the survivors.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan took to Twitter to share his reaction to winning the Best Villain award from the MTV Movie and TV Awards. 
“Won best villain at MTV Movie Awards!” Morgan wrote. “Thank you all. Show couldn’t free me up to represent my The Walking Dead family. Proud as f—ity f—!”
Morgan is currently hard at work on The Walking Dead’s eighth season in Georgia, which is why he wasn’t able to be freed up for the Awards. The latter part of Morgan’s message is a quote from Negan’s iconic dialogue in Robert Kirkman’s comics which consists of about a dozen variations of the F-word which the character has always enjoyed.


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