If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be misunderstood, try having a freak I.Q. combined with blonde hair and lady parts. Honestly though, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you wanted an easier way to experience what it is like to be overly helpful yet completely misunderstood, then the brilliant George R. R. Martin has this character Hodor.

If you recall, in last season he met his demise facing a hoard White Walkers while trying to protect his loved ones. His job was to hold the door and he died doing just that. Maybe he only had one job, but he technically didn’t fail. He was overwhelmed while doing his job and sadly lost his life. A life well-lived and died on the hit HBO drama slated to return for its seventh season on July 16.

Probably the biggest misunderstanding someone who is overly helpful, yet somewhat unappreciated, yet completely necessary that could ever be showcased is the character emissions of the wonderfully written and aptly acted Hodor portrayed by Kristian Naim.

Well, Naim is an amazing actor. And I’ve heard that once you’ve been on Game of Thrones you’re kind of a big deal. That’s why the new Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial is kind of awesome. Not only is it finger-licking good, it’s funny. They do a tribute to the demise of Hodor while hacking their new chicken and rice brand. In the commercial, Naim is taking an order from a hoard of hungry customers for chicken and fries. He says the phrase “chicken and fries” over and over again until it becomes “chicken and rice.”

If wit isn’t your cup of tea, then let me point out to you that it’s playing off of the reveal that Hodor’s name actually came from him repeating over and over again “hold the door.”

However, not everyone gets the brilliance of the show Game of Thrones. A lot of people just watch for the nudity and violence. Just like a lot of people will likely see this commercial and go in for the yummy chicken. And that’s fine, as long as you have good manners and hold the door for whoever is behind you.

For the full video, visit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWRYvUZhBsA


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