Daryl Dixon is everyone’s favorite good guy/ bad guy. Like many characters before him, he is not perfect. Yet we love him. Perhaps unconditionally. We almost love Daryl like a bad drug. Very tempting, may kill us, has us amped up and on the edge of our seats. See, we need Daryl. So, what’s in store for Daryl in Season 8 of The Walking Dead slated to premiere in October of this year.

Fun Fact! Norman Reedus originally auditioned for the role of Merle his brother. The producers liked him so much they created his character Daryl Dixon. See, everyone loves Daryl.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan−plays the evil Negan­−predicted earlier this year that Daryl is gonna die. However, he later added that he didn’t really know who would die. We’re assuming at least a Walker or Two.

We thought we would show you a couple of times we fell in love with Daryl over the years in case he gets the bat.

Season 1: We first meet Daryl when he comes out of nowhere in the woods. A Walker is eating a recently killed deer−killed by Daryl. Daryl reacts angrily because it was his kill and he was hungry. We feel his disappointment.

Season 2: Probably the best line from Daryl comes when he happens upon a Walker that was now stuck in a tree. Having left a suicide note he reads it, “Got bit, fever hit, world gone to shit, might as well quit.” He then comments how the guy didn’t even think to shoot himself in the head.

We’ve loved Daryl all previous 7 seasons of The Walking Dead. We love his intelligence and his survival skills. We love how he wears his feelings on his sleeves and isn’t afraid to show them. We love how he is totally unexpected. Mostly, we love how he truly is the raw version of Rick Grimes. So, what will we do if Daryl dies in season 8? Walk on? Probably not. He’s way too awesome of a character and frankly we love him too much for him to die. Well, we can only hope.



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