Monday, December 18, 2017

The Walking Dead

WATCH: Hilarious Bad Lip Reading From The Walking Dead

Bad lip reading is always good but it's especially funny when it's of some of our favorite scenes from The Walking Dead!

WATCH: Relive The Epic Battle From Season 7 Finale

Shiva saves Carl, Daryl with a machine gun, and Carol returns to Alexandria to kick some butt! Relive all the action from the season...

WATCH: Check out the new trailer for season 3 of Fear...

Who's ready for the season 3 premiere of Fear The Walking Dead?!?!

WATCH: “Lucille” makes her MLB debut

Lucille shows up for spring training in the MLB.

Sneak Peak Inside The New Camp

Here's a sneak peak inside the new camp Rick and crew just discovered.

Who was Rick smiling at?

Who was Rick smiling at? Here are a few theories.