Monday, December 18, 2017

The Walking Dead

MUST WATCH: Best Of TWD “Rick And Daryl Reunite”

I gotta be honest this gets me a teary eyed every time I see it.

MUST WATCH: Best Of TWD “Morgan vs The Wolves”

Morgan's pretty bad ass with his bo!

MUST WATCH: TWD Tribute “Nowhere To Run”

This awesome tribute video gives me chills!

MUST WATCH: Eugene Takes a Bite of Dwight

The jury's still out on whether or not Eugene is really a sell out or not but this move definitely saved the day. At...

MUST WATCH: Best Of TWD “The Survivors Meet Daryl”

What happens when you try to take all Daryl's supplies? These Survivors found out the hard way!

MUST WATCH: The Best Of TWD “The Transformation Of Rick”

Come along on this journey and witness again the trials and tribulations Rick's had to endure in this powerful and emotionally stirring video.

MUST WATCH: Best Of TWD “The Transformation Of Daryl”

Relive the long and bumpy road Daryl took to become the man he is today.

MUST WATCH: Is Sasha Coming Back From The Dead?

Sasha's been spotted looking alive and well. Looks like we'll be seeing her on TV again soon! Watch the first teaser!

MUST WATCH: Top 5 Theories Of What Caused The Virus

Ever wonder what caused the virus that leads to the Dead Walking? Here are 5 solid theories that could explain it. Leave your theory...

With Arrival Of New Baby Will Rosita Be MIA For Season...

Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita on the hit AMC series The Walking Dead, and long time musician boyfriend David Boyd gave birth to their...