Monday, December 18, 2017

The Walking Dead

MUST WATCH: TWD Tribute “Nowhere To Run”

This awesome tribute video gives me chills!

Deaths and Zombies?

This fall will have the return of The Walking Dead. While everyone is talking about the possible death of Rick Grimes others are speculating...

MUST WATCH: Haunting TWD Tribute

Check out this extremely moving and haunting fan made Walking Dead tribute!

MUST WATCH: Best Of TWD “Rick And Daryl Reunite”

I gotta be honest this gets me a teary eyed every time I see it.

MUST WATCH: The Best Of TWD “The Transformation Of Rick”

Come along on this journey and witness again the trials and tribulations Rick's had to endure in this powerful and emotionally stirring video.

WATCH: Hilarious Bad Lip Reading From The Walking Dead

Bad lip reading is always good but it's especially funny when it's of some of our favorite scenes from The Walking Dead!

WATCH: Powerful Fan Made TWD Tribute “WAIT”

If you're a Walking Dead fan and this doesn't get you teary eye'd you need to check your pulse because you might be a...

With Writers Strike Avoided, Filming For Season 8 Of The Walking...

Fear not fellow “Dead Heads” shooting for Season 8 of The Walking Dead has officially begun! The talk of a writers's strike sent a...

WATCH: Check out the new trailer for season 3 of Fear...

Who's ready for the season 3 premiere of Fear The Walking Dead?!?!

MUST WATCH: Best Of TWD “The Survivors Meet Daryl”

What happens when you try to take all Daryl's supplies? These Survivors found out the hard way!