Monday, December 18, 2017


Season 8 of GOT will Have Carnage

Umm, duh. I had to say it. Season 8 is the planned ending of the epic drama Game of Thrones and more than 700...

George RR Martin Announces Mystery Writer Working On Fifth Script For...

Earlier this month Game Of Thrones fans world wide rejoiced as HBO announced that they brought in four seasoned and extremely talented writes to...

The Times Dany GOT a New Name

One of the most complex characters of our time, Daenerys Targaryan is destined to rule the seven kingdoms. She is also presumably the paternal...

WATCH: 10 Best Game Of Thrones Fights Scenes

Stop what you're doing and clear your schedule! These are the best fights scenes from Game Of Thrones!

MUST WATCH: NEW Season 7 Promo

Epic promo for season 7 of Game Of Thrones

MUST WATCH: Top 5 Theories Of What Caused The Virus

Ever wonder what caused the virus that leads to the Dead Walking? Here are 5 solid theories that could explain it. Leave your theory...

MUST WATCH: Haunting TWD Tribute

Check out this extremely moving and haunting fan made Walking Dead tribute!

WATCH: Powerful Fan Made TWD Tribute “WAIT”

If you're a Walking Dead fan and this doesn't get you teary eye'd you need to check your pulse because you might be a...

Will This Be the Season Dany Becomes the Mad Queen?

When referring to her royal Targaryen bloodline, normally one would discuss her father known as the Mad King. However, past seasons have hinted that...

BEST OF GOT: “The City Is Yours My Queen”

Relive all the action from these great Game Of Thrones scenes.