The people behind the Twitter account of AMC’s The Walking Dead just released this picture a few hours ago. In it, the characters Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Morgan Jones (Lennie James) are shown wielding firearms while facing an unknown assailant−most likely a Walker. This photo is a scene from the upcoming season 8 of The Walking Dead slated to air on AMC in October. What does this mean for these two characters on the hit show? More importantly, where’s Rick Grimes?

Well, someone got the bat at the end of season 7. It’s looking like it’s not Daryl or Morgan. Was it Rick? Guess we’ll have to find out. Until then, we’ve compiled a list of fun facts about the characters Daryl Dixon and Morgan Jones.

Daryl Dixon: Played by Norman Reedus. There originally was not going to be a Daryl character. However, the people of The Walking Dead liked Reedus so much they created Daryl just for him.

Childhood: Daryl grew up being raised by an abusive alcoholic father. Because of this, he quickly learned how to survive in the wild and with his own wits. This gave him the advantage when the outbreak happened and he needed to be able to find food and avoid Walkers. He has survived so far.

Last Season: Daryl kills several of the Saviors in order to defeat Negan.

Morgan Jones: Played by Lennie James. He is very wise but very traumatized. He is the last surviving member of his family having lost his wife and son to the infection.

On killing the Saviors: At the end of last season we are left seeing him being comforted by Carol as he is very ashamed and saddened that he had to once again kill people.

Weapons: Although Jones doesn’t believe in killing humans, he likes his firearms but also uses spears.

Daryl Dixon and Morgan Jones will both appear in season 8 of The Walking Dead. We still don’t know if they’ll make it the whole season, however. Gotta watch out for those Walkers. Don’t want to get bitten.


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