TWD’s Negan is bat-crazy but Morgan is a character all in himself.

He is from Seattle

Yes, he is from the same town as many greats including Kurt Cobain. If he wasn’t charming enough, the cutie who once played Denny Duquette on the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy (also set in Seattle) is a former football player and all-around regular guy.

Dated Mary-Louise Parker

Things grew between the two on the set of the show Weeds starring Mary-Louise Parker. They grew so close together in fact that they were briefly engaged.

Friends with Paul Rudd

They are such good friends, that they actually share ownership of a candy store together.

He’s quite a character

So strange in fact, that he actually got a tattoo of the revolver he used on the set of the film The     Salvation. Discussing his inking decision, “I really liked my gun from the movie, obviously.”

His dogs ride with him on his motorcycle.

Not in a sidecar neither. They sleep on the gas tank. When he’s riding on the freeway.


Acting was his fallback career

He was a baller. A good one. Captain of the varsity basketball team at Lake Washington High School, he actually got a scholarship to play at college. An injury caused him to go to his fallback career though: acting.


He once hung out at a morgue

To prep for a role­−of course. He learned a lot.

Lost too much weight

To prep for a role he ate only a can of tuna per day. He lost 40 pounds. He was only supposed to lose 10. Oops.

He didn’t have to audition for Negan

Once they found out Jeffrey Dean Morgan was interested they handed him the barb-wired bat  on the spot.

He’s played comic book characters before.

He once played the character the Comedian in the movie version from the graphic novel The Watchman.

A character himself, it’s no wonder they gave him Negan. We will also soon find out what Negan’s lack of morals and his handy Lucille really did.


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